Permission from Gram Panchayat & Contour Survey


This is another Important factor you will have to consider before starting any kind of construction at your site. How you manage that is upto you and a lot depends on the Gram Panchayat Members.

Another permission which we are taking is the approval/sanction from Pollution Control Board.

By the way one Important piece of information – You must get done the contour survey done by an expert it basically give you the layout and the slope of the entire farm.

Next Steps Planned for the month:
1. Fencing
2. Boring (I dont have any natural source of water at the site)
3. 3 Phase Electricity/Transformer at the site
4. Shed Design Finalisation

Long Gap


Its been quite some time, a lot of progress made in the last few months which I will talk in my blog. But first things first.

After putting a lot of effort I could produce LPC from Bihar (Land Possession Certificat) for the agricultural land owned by my ancestors. However I was told by the Local Officials that this is not good enough.

1. They need a letter signed by a Tehsildar stating that I am a Farmer and own a farm Land
2. It should be stamped by the Tehsildar
3. It should not be more than 6 month Old

The issue is that the hirarchy in Bihar is different and in the Land Revenue Dept. there is no post called Tehsildar, however the Circle Officer is the equivallent authority. Took me a lot of effort by presenting the org. structure and comparing it with Maharashtra.

There is no certificate officially issued by Bihar Revenue Dept. declaring Farmer/Agriculturist Status but in the LPC its written that the farm is cultivated.

The options are limited, if you have someone living in your native you can do some jugad to obtain a letter from the circle officer declaring you as a farmer basis the LPC or buy an Agricultural Land in some other state where Tehsildar Exists (Grrrr).

Once you can produce either of the above a 7/12 can be issued post mutation ofcourse.

Unless this step is complete you cannot make any real progress at the Farm since the construction/fencing anything like that is out of question.

Maharashtra Agriculture Land for agriculturist


Any one planning to buy agricultural land in the state should be an agriculturist; defination is vague but here is our understanding, you should own agricultural land in India, by inheritance or you can purchase land in another state where this rule does not apply & produce the land possession certificate in your name.

I’m trying to arrange for my records updated (inheritance) in Bihar’s Bhagalpur Distt. Before we can progress further. There is lot of clarity in terms of rules & regulation kudos to  Nitish ji & his team.

Online land records are available for 10 districts including Bhagalpur.

Company Name Approval


Ah! What a relief received name approval from Ministry of corporate affairs. Next step is to apply for company formation. We need to fill form 1,18 &32 along with Memorandum, Article of association & pay stamp duty as applicable. Land registration formalities are on the verge of completion. We have decided to register the land in our individual names & lease it to the company. The process of agriculture land acquisition by company is complicated & time consuming.

Company formation


We are working on forming a private company with limited liabilities. The process is tedious & time consuming. Step one Directors identification number for all partners (who will be the directors on board) Step two apply for name approval, for this you wil need step one completed,an CA & digital signature..oh yes lots of patience. I’ll keep you updated on the progress. First six names were rejected we have applied for new names.

Demand & Supply


We have met the president of one of the milk associations. He himself has five buffalos & sells his produce along with other members of the association. He asked us ~ milk ka problem nahi hai, problem market ka hai ( indicating adequate supply demand mismatch).

Is that true? We are doing some research on this & will update you with insights. The supply chain & the number of intermediary involved is complex to say the least. More on this coming soon!

Search for the site!


Once we’ve decided to get going the first thing we needed was the location of the farm:

I am making of list of things we wanted in the location:

Clear Title of the Land, Connectivity to highway, Water accessibility, Electricity, Not too close to a village at the same time not too far away, should be within 50 KMs from Mumbai & Nasik or Pune (Target Market), Fodder Production capability, Climate, Manpower availability the list is longer, but all in all it was impossible to find a place which has everything that we wanted and was reasonably priced.

So we have decided to compromise on some of the parameters & gradually build mechanism to deal with others.

We must have spend 6 weekends trying to find a place which fits in our budget; at last we have found a piece of land (2 Actually; over 25 Acres) around 70 KM from Thane & around 7 KM from Mumbai Nasik highway.

The location 1000 ft above sea close to 3 beautiful sweet water lakes namely Bhatsa, Tansa and Vaitarna, who are the major source & suppliers of drinking water to Mumbai and Thane city & it is declared to be a No Chemical Zone; no one can start a chemical industry here.

I’m not sure if this is perfect but it looks amazing – Only time will tell if this was the right choice, but we had our own share of fun while searching for the land eating Desi Chicken (yes they still existing & taste divine) and dealing with brokers, local villagers & warm hearted tribals (I’m hoping to create some employment & empowerment for the local folks in near future).


On behalf of Team Bliss!

The Beginning


The first post!

I’ve decided to write this one so that we can document the progress we are making in starting up.

A lot of details will follow in the subsequent posts but just to brief we are a team of four friends & we are in the process of setting up a commercial dairy (Yes sophisticated Tabela :)) 

Its an interesting project which we are very excited about & its been 4 months since we decided to start. Some of the essential resources we need to get going (not in the order of priority)

1. Technical Expertise

2. Land

3. Capital

4. Water

5. Suppliers/Distributers

6. Animals

7. Equipments

8. Manpower (Skilled, Unskilled & Brokers)

9. Commitment & Conviction  

10. Oh Yes – Luck 🙂 (more on this later)

So far the most interesting resource management & challenging one is Land; I am going to write about this in my next post.